May 27th, 2006

fear the panda

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Hi all, I'm finally graduating this year and opted to go to the smaller departmental ceremony, but for the Art department's ceremony they only let you have three guests, and that doesn't even let me bring the rest of my family :( 

So if there is anyone out there that RSVP 'd to the ART SCHOOL'S graduation ceremony and has a ticket to spare I'd be so so so grateful! 

According to the advising office there are no more extras, so anyone hoping for that is out of luck now just like me.

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okay, im going to try this again. if youre interested, you really need to get back to me quickly so my roomie can decide if she can sign a new lease or not. besides... its less than a month now.

room in 4bedroom/2bathroom apartment super close to campus (46th and 22nd) available mid/late june to the end of august.

rent is only 375/month and the room is very big with two huge windows.

EURO 425

Hey, I don't know if anybody's interested, but I will be dropping EURO 425 - "EURO MEDIA SYSTEMS" for Fall Quarter 06.

I know it's a popular course in some circles, so I thought I'd give somebody the chance to take my spot (as it's a small course that filled up quite quickly).

If you want the spot, let me know, and I'll tell you when I'm going to drop it, so you can snatch it up right away.

First comment gets it. If nobody's interested, so be it! Just thought I'd check.

Happy weekend-ing!