May 26th, 2006

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don't drink too much

Okay, so I live in the "Greek area" near campus. And just now an ambulance pulled away with an unconscious girl. Granted, I don't know what happened for sure, I still have a pretty good guess (knowing that it's Thursday night in the Greek row area). Please, realize the possible consequences of drinking!!! This girl looked like she wasn't alive. I really hope that she's okay or will be. But I'm pretty sure you won't hear about this incident anywhere else, knowing how sororities don't want to have bad reputations. I'm not going to mention the sorority that she was from, it doesn't really matter. The fact is, you can die or get yourself into a pretty bad shape from drinking way too much. It does happen! I think it's important for everyone to recognize this.
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Returning Student

Has anyone dropped out of the UW and then re-applied as a returning student and got back in? The reason behind my question is that my boyfriend dropped out after freshman year and he re-applied to go back in Fall 2006 and hasn't heard anything yet. When he calls the registrar they tell him "oh yea, should get something soon..." But nothing. Its almost June and I'm worried he won't get back in. They said something about his application was pending because he had been gone for so long (3 years) but I think that shouldn't delay a letter saying yes or no. Advice?
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question inspired by the last poster

If I were to reapply to the UW after immediately completing a major (as in, yes, I did this one, but now I wanna do THIS one too!) how likely is the UW to re-admit me? Is there some sort of preference given to people who are able to get in but haven't already done an undergraduate major? Or is would this kind of re-admittance even allowed? (I know a double major is an option here, let's just assume it's, say, not preferable.)
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