May 23rd, 2006

Summer Subletting

House at 52nd and 22nd, up to 5 spots available June 1 to mid September

Internet, quiet neighborhood, parking space, and more

400 including utilities

Email if interested

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Save Darfur Coalition @ UW
Monday May 29 (Memorial Day),
Participating restaurants will donate approximately 5% of all proceeds for that day to Doctor's without Borders for aid in Darfur. All you have to do is show up! Below is the website for the participating restaurants and it will updated soon.

1. Trabant Chai Lounge - Seattle (Located on NE 45th st inbetween American Apparel & the Comic Books store)
2. The Bagel Deli - Seattle
3. Omar Al-Khyam Restaurant - Renton

Steven Klein LSAT prep course

Has anyone taken Steven Klein's LSAT prep course? What are your reviews, and if you've taken a different course also, how do you find Steven Klein's in comparison? I'm leaning towards Powerscore becuase I'm familiar with their books (Logic Games and Logic Review Bibles) but I've received advice from counselors and other students to look into Klein's program instead.

Oh, btw, I would be taking (again...) the LSAT on September 30th. I don't need advice about taking the LSAT...just about the prep programs out there in the Seattle area. Thanks much.

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Opinions/comments on Raimondo Modiano. Can't find the name on

The reason I ask is cause I need help deciding on a Discovery Seminar. Narrowed it down to:

1. Contracts of the Heart: Gift and Sacrifice
2. Food Fights: Globalization, Food, and Culture
3. Introduction to Cultural Studies: Film Noir and American Pop Culture
4. Philosophical Issues in the Law

Which do you think is the best? [yeah i know depends on what you like as an individual but what would you pick] comments on instructors?

Dylan - Dr. Who

A question for the English majors and the francophiles

Salut - I'll be transferring in the fall, planning to major in English, and hoping to continue to my studies in French. I've been madly trawling the UW website, RateMyProf and MySpace's Prof Grading, but I can't seem to find the information that I need. So, questions, in order of importance:

1) English site says that a requirement for the major is English 202 and attached writing link, 197. Fair enough.

a. According to same site, these classes "may" fulfill the prerequisites for the major (which I need to finish in my first quarter, since I need to declare my major in the Spring). "May?" Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Does that mean they WILL, they possibly CAN, or what?

b. Teaching 202 this fall are SEARLE, SCHENOLD, JAUSSEN. Recommendations?

2) Any recommendations on 300-level French teachers? The course catalogue tells me Helene V. Collins teaches 301, but her name's not on the fall schedule. I'd appreciate any info about this that you can offer.


Hi, I was wondering if anyone in this community knows of any openings for decent studios near in the U District or Capitol Hill for June or July as I'm looking to move out of my current situation (living in a room in a house for $375 per month, utilities paid for) as I would love to have my own kitchen, bathroom and overall own personal space. I am currently looking around campus and going online to check for such places, but thought asking here would help as well. I'm considering The Malloy.

My price range is from $450-550 per month, preferably with all or some utilities included. Alrighy, thanks in advance!

PS: If anyone is interested, I will be moving out in June. The place is on 12th and 42nd. $375 per month with all utilities (water, sewage, garbage). There's 4 floors and on each floor, there are about 5-6 others. You share a kitchen and two bathrooms.