May 18th, 2006

Parking tickets

I have a car for one night here, and it's currently parked in the C5 lot, under Odegaard with the overnight pass expiring at 7.30 am tomorrow. I'm leaving with the car tomorrow at 11.30, and I honestly just don't want to wake up at 7 to move the car, nor do I want to pay another $10 for just 4 hours.
So I beg of you fine people, what are your experiences with tickets in this visitors' lot? Last time I did this without realizing, got to the car at 10.30 and all was fine. Is there a time they come around to check? If, God forbid, I do get a ticket, how much would it be? Is there someplace closer I could hide the car for four hours?

*edit - I ended up risking it and I skipped my last class so I got to the car at 10.00. No ticket at that time, and the lot was actually fairly full, for future reference. Thanks for the advice! /edit*