May 17th, 2006

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magazine subscriptions

Ok, so I figured I'd ask someone.. maybe one of you know.. I signed up for this deals for 3 different mags.. I get the first 3 copies of each free, and then I can cancel the subscription, if i don't I'm billed for the rest of the subscription. Well one mag I ordered was InStyle and I've only recieved 1 copy of it (of 3) but as of yesterday, I have been billed for the $30 subscription, which I dont want. I was waiting till I got all 3 copies of the mag. to cancel it.

The Question:
-- Can I call the company now, cancel the subscription (or all 3 together) and get my $30 back?


Burning question in dire need of being answered!

Heh, not really, but anyways...

I've had a lot of problems with ordering pizza at the dorms... It seems our addresses don't exist. At least McCarty and Hansee... I had no trouble at Lander. I always end up having to call to order pizza and just telling them UW and the hall and they usually know where it is (which isn't bad but for some places you need to make an account to see their menu and to make an account you need a valid address and I'd like to know what I'm ordering before I call...).
So, long story short, does anyone know Hansee's physical address? A valid one?
Thanks =P
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I'm working on a project for one of my classes where we redesign an object, system or service. My partner and I chose to redesign WebPine. At the moment we're in the research phase, and are trying to figure out what aspects of WebPine could be improved and what people like/dislike about it. We came up with a few questions, and I figured this might be a good place to get some feedback! So if you guys wanna answer some (or all) of our questions, it would be much appreciated. You don't even have to answer those specific questions if you really don't want to, any kind of feedback would be awesome.

Thanks in advance!

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clubbing for the underage crowd

Where is a fun place to go dancing this weekend? We're all 18 so we can't go to bars and we'd prefer a place that has more techno/alternative music and not just Top 40's. Trinity? Club Amp? Premier? Element? We've never been clubbing in Seattle before and we're dying for some good dancing time.

Any help appreciated. Cover charges/Friday vs. Saturday, etc. Help!

PS. Yay for the hippies on the Amazing Race!
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Finding Out Early

Hi guys. A while ago (I'm not sure how long ago...few months to a year ago?) there was a posting about how to find out early about one's admitted/unadmitted status into the UW as a transfer student. I think there is something that shows up on their MyUW site or something? Can someone please tell me what the exact method was to find out early? I went back as far as a couple quarters ago but couldn't find it.
Thanks. I'm trying to find this out for a friend from NSCC.