May 16th, 2006



seeing that i don't want to join the greek system, is there any way to stop the IC from discriminating against me so I can get in there and cheat like all the members of it get to do?

side note, with all the new frosh next year, I'm so glad I don't live in dorms. yay for retro-fitting (haha, suckers).
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Trampoline and a Slip N Slide??

I just want to know how people get these things out to the Quad. And how they get permission to use UW's water to power the slip n slide. I really wanted to go down the slip n slide, but I had to go to work in the library and I don't have a swim suit :(
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repost: furniture and household items for sale.

i posted about a week ago for me and my boyfriend who are moving to hawaii and selling our furniture off. i wanted to make a new entry since some stuff has been sold off and we wanted to add to the list. all information and contact is under the cut for your convenience. we really need to get rid of our stuff, so please buy it! thanks! (ps: please contact if you are able to take it immediately, holding stuff makes things too complicated.

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