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Monday, May 15th, 2006

Subject:Biol 119
Time:10:13 am.
What exactly are the labs like in this class? I'm taking 118 now, would it be difficult if you're not taking 118 and 119 concurrently? Thanks for any help.
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Subject:Bigger News than I Thought
Time:11:37 am.

That bust in front of the Jackson School made national news today.


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Subject:U-CALL needs volunteers!
Time:12:49 pm.
Here's a quick PSA for you all:

U-CALL, the University Community After-hours Listening Line, needs caring
students willing to answer calls anonymously on our nighttime/weekend phone
line. Training is for fall quarter. Volunteering is a challenging, but rewarding, experience. Information sessions are scheduled for the following dates/times in Hall Health Center:

May 17th: 5:00-6:00 PM Room 301
May 25th: 1:00-2:00 PM Room 301
May 30th: 1:00-2:00 PM Room 328

For more information about volunteering, please contact U-CALL's Manager, Chris Chan, at chanman@u.washington.edu, or (206) 221-7817. Please email if you cannot make any of the info sessions but still want to volunteer.
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Time:1:10 pm.
Someone just spammed the cse410 list. Someone claiming to be paypal.

I haven't taken that class since last spring or winter. It's horribly funny.
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Subject:historical theaters exhibit in suzzallo
Time:1:41 pm.
Mood: impressed.
The current exhibit in Suzzallo's exhibition room (room 102, across from Suzzallo Cafe) is super cool. You should all go see it, especially if you are even SLIGHTLY interested in theater, history, architecture, or insanely detailed things.
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Time:4:49 pm.
is it worth joining phi beta kappa for $85? i normally am not an honors society person, but i remember seeing this one on some adults' resumes like "____ college or university, summa cum lade, phi beta kappa." i know that some honor societies are pretty common, but others are worth joining for connections or credentials. input anyone? thanks.
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Subject:Class of 2010
Time:8:29 pm.

It would be a good idea for incoming freshmen LJers to go join uw10.

(or maybe I just want to admin a thriving community. you decide.)

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