May 14th, 2006


Female roommate wanted

Hey, I'm looking for a female roommate for a 2 bedroom apartment starting Autumn quarter. I have 2 kittens, and a boyfriend who will be around. We're all really mellow, friendly, and well trained =P. I have a couple apartment places in mind, but I don't think I want to live alone, so if anyone is interested just send me a message. =)

Some brief info on me:
My name is Melanie
I'm a cellular, molecular, and developmental bio major
19 years old
2nd year at UW
I'm originally from Sunnyvale, California
I play soccer, do karate, and swim (recreationally)
I like music, movies, and games
My favorite piece of furniture is my bed
I'm thinking of minoring in Japanese (but I don't like anime)
I play computer and video games (but I try not to much during the school year)
Back home I currently have 12 cats, 6 were born 4 weeks ago, 2 of which will be living with me next year.
I really really really want a squirrel as a pet... but alas, they seem to have no interest in whole wheat bagels (but they love butterhorns)
Ok, so maybe that wasn't akk that brief... oh well.