May 11th, 2006

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I register tomorrow and suddenly realized that one of the classes I was planning to take won't work, so... has anyone here ever taken HSTEU 205 European Witch Trials or had a class with Mary O'Neil? If so, what did you think?
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art 140

I'm interested in taking an intro to photography class, but I'm not really sure about what they expect out of me. I'm kind of hesitant to take any college level art classes because I feel that they might expect you to have some kind of amazing talent.

Has anyone taken this class? What are your thoughts?
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VLPA for the left-brained?

I need 4 more VLPA credits and want to get them out of the way fall quarter. Thing is, I'm the kind of student who is perfectly happy with a quarter full of science classes. So, any suggestions on what to take? Good/bad experiences?

So far I've considered:
CLAS 205 BIOSCIENTIFIC VOCAB - but I'd still be one credit shy.
ART 140 BASIC PHOTO - is Freshmen and Sophomores only, reg. periods 1&2.

I've already had Piano, Arch 350, Intro to Film, and Intro to Drawing.

ASUW Election Results

Here are the election results, which I'm sure the Daily will print tomorrow morning:


Cullen White

Vice President:

Jerome McCuin

Director of Diversity Efforts:

Tyson Johnston

Director of Operations:

Laura Baird

Director of Faculty, Administration and Acadamic Affairs:

Erin Shields (Unopposed)

Director of Community Relations:

Sam Al-Khoury

Director of Organizational Relations:

Scott Robinson

Director of Programming:

Tyler Dockins

All proposed amendments and referendums passed.
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i'm moving to hawaii for graduate school, and i can't take much with me, so i have some furniture for sale. i'm in the university district and unable to deliver anything as i do not have a car. all information is under the cut, and please contact me at cheryln at with questions or whatever. thanks!

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I'm thinking about taking the math class that I need this summer online at BCC. Would anyone happen to know off the top of their head what class at BCC is the same as Math 111?

Also, I've heard that if you take classes at community college your grades don't count since it's supposedly not as hard, so all you have to do is get a D and you get credit for the class. Is that true?