May 10th, 2006

Robot Love

Possessed printer?

Question: Can someone try to somehow network their computers to my pinter and get it to work?

I live in Stevens Court and my printer is either possessed or someone figured out how to send their print job to my printer.

And ideas/thoughts? How do I make it not happen again?

P.S. To whoever printed out their Week 7 Math 125 homework, come and get it... jerk. (It's sitting here, all printed out...)
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Guy with Creepy Mask On

Just 15 minutes ago I was walking from the Allen library past Mary Gates and down towards the Fountain when I see this guy with a creepy mask on. He is slim, wearing brown khakis and a black t-shirt. The mask covers most of his face except for his mouth. All he does is look up at buildings and scribble things down in a notebook he's carrying. Why is he wearing a mask? It is orange and ugly and creeps me out!!!! Anyone else seen him? I have a camera phone, but didn't want him to know I wanted to take a pic.
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ART H 232

Has any of you ever taken ART H 232 PHOTO THEORY & CRIT (this is for summer quarter)? The title sounds interesting, but when I click on it there is no description for the course. I would just like to know what was taught and how people liked it. Thanks.
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business class questions

hi everyone... i have some questions about business profs... im sorry if these are repeated or annoy anyone, im studying abroad right now and havent had a chance to check lj!
i wanted to take mktg 301, who is better: giambattista, beard or okada? i checked the evals... Beard looks pretty good.
and for the other class... my advisor said either mgmt 300/320. any recommendations, from personal experience, on which is better to take first? which profs are horrible? im kind of leaning to 320 just because judd teaches it and i had him last year for mgmt 200...
thanks so much to anyone who replies!
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(no subject)

Any Hansee people up to answer some last minute questions of mine?

So I'm registering tomorrow and crossing my fingers that I'll get into Hansee. I was wondering if I could get some advice on which sides of the building are east facing and/or get the most sunlight and which get the most noise from the courts and Greek row. I know there are 4 wings: could anyone explain the layout and tell me where each one is directionwise, in relation to the other north campus dorms, Greek row, etc.? A

Everything is much appreciated. :)
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This is a somewhat silly question, but...

Is there somewhere around the Ave or U-Village where I could get a basic, cheap flowerpot (and/or potting soil)? At the beginning of this quarter in Biology 220, they gave us plants in cups of water, and I finally think I need to plant mine or it won't survive much longer. (This is why I think I'd make a bad pet owner...) I have no idea where to go about getting a pot for it though. I haven't noticed any hardware-ish stores around the Ave. Anyone have any suggestions?