May 9th, 2006


art majors

Couple of questions:

1) I'm applying for the Painting & Drawing major right now, and ideally, I'd like to take either ART 292 or ART 390 in the fall. However, I'm taking ART 290 this summer, and it is a prerequisite for both of the aforementioned classes. Is there any way I could still register for either one for fall, since I will be done with 290 by then? Any point in seeing an advisor about this? In my experience, the art department advisors have been fairly inept when it came to actually providing any help, but if it's worth a try, I'd go.

2) If the above is not possible, is there anyone out there willing to hold a spot in ART 245 or 246 for me? I don't register until Friday and the classes are small, so I'm afraid it might close.

Help would be much appreciated.
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bathroom facilities/year end

What date does the 2006-2007 year end? When's the last date that I can stay in my dorm and then have to move out? Just need the information to plan by plane ticket.

Details on the bathrooms in Lander Hall please. Lots of bathrooms in one block? Or just one shower? How does it work? Are there curtains only and everyones showering together? Or can you lock your door?

ANTH 313 / M. Styles

Sorry to add to the flood of class-review-related posts, but has anyone had a class with M. Styles of the anthropology department? Or, more specifically, had him/her for Anth 313 - Peoples of Africa?
I'd love to know if it is as cool as it sounds or if I should run run run away from it. Thanks!

(no subject)

Does any one know what (or where I could find) what move out policies there are or how they are set up?

I'm moving out of the dorms to go home for the summer at the end of finals week. Is there a specific day like there was for move in? Parking considerations? Are carts provided or do you need to provide your own?

Any information would be great as I'm trying to work out my plans now and can't find any out about this topic.


I know this is not the community to post in, but I am trying to get some feedback from as many people as possible for this question.
How can you get the cheapest possible airline tickets. In my case to fly to France during the Summer (August 19th to September 28th), so student discounts are almost non existant at that time.

Has anyone used And if you've ever used that service, is it possible to retract your offer as long as they haven't bought the ticket from the company?

Apartment for Summer Rent

Do you need summer housing? We have a 3 bedroom apartment available June 15-Aug 31! You can take over the lease with two of your good friends or rent a room by yourself. It’s only two blocks from campus (42nd and 12th Ave), $1150 a month (negotiable), and cable and internet are already wired. The only utility bill is gas and comes to about $10.00 a month per person. Parking is also available.

If you are interested please contact:

Stephanie at


Kristina at