May 5th, 2006


Free funny if you're twenty-oney!

I know a lot of you caught Eugene Mirman at the HUB earlier this year, so I figured I'd announce this here:

Tuesday May 9th 7-9pm @ Sunset Tavern in Ballard, 21+

Free screening of Eugene Mirman's new DVD and also of something else from SubPop Records, sponsored by the Onion!

If anyone out there needs someone to go with, it looks like I'm going alone at this point and I'd love a companion!

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anyone else on this community studying abroad next year? where are you going and when?

also maybe someone who is going to be gone 1st quarter is wondering where to live next year when you get back, i'll be in scotland for 2nd and 3rd quarters if anyone is looking to sublet.
photography rocks!

Housing prices?

Hey everyone. first time posting...

so I will be attending UW for grad school this upcoming fall. Moving up from sunny California. Can any of you please tell me what housing prices are on average in Seattle? know where the cheapest places are close to campus? and is there any special housing for grad students? any info would be greatly appreciated!

I'll probably be bombarding this community with tons more questions later, hope you guys don't mind. ;)



non sciencey science?

Okay, so I'm a liberal arts person. So liberal arts that it's actually kinda sad. But, unfortunately, I must take science classes to graduate. *much displeasure* I do not like science, I do not like math. I am utterly dreadful at both subjects. so, the question is: what NW classes that aren't all science/math focused do you guys recommend?
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