May 2nd, 2006

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Code of conduct?

I am having a problem with a professor, and am trying to look for the "faulty code of conduct" that the staff need to abide by, so i can prove some points.
Can anyone lead me to a link?
little prince

Steven's Court &University West

I just realized that my roommate and I can apply for Steven's Court housing. I read on the HFS website that it's pretty unlikely to get in by Autumn if you don't already live there (I'm in the dorms right now). So...anyone have experience with this? Would I feasibly be able to get an apartment at Steven's this fall? Also, the place I'm most likely to live in next year is University West, owned by the people. Any comments on them?

Thanks for any information!

two questions!

I have a few questions for all of you!

1. Has anyone taken beginning drawing? I am planning on taking it this summer, but I am afraid it's not BEGINNING drawing if you know what I mean! Hard/Easy/Ridiculous? Let me know!

2. Has anyone gone on the Vienna, Austria AHA study abroad? I am on the verge of the signing to go. Any last words?



So...i just found out i get to pick my room in a week here, so i was wondering if you could help me out a little since i know nothing about Hansee, but am planning to live there for next year. [i'm going to be a sophomore...]


what floor/area/whatever should i pick so i'm near a girl's bathroom? i spent all year in terry going upstairs every two seconds to go to the bathroom. don't ask.

what rooms are the best choice?

anything else i should know about living in hansee?

all single rooms right? i'm so happy.


and yes i'm reading the memories right now but i thought maybe you guys had some fresh insight.
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