May 1st, 2006

Residence Hall Assignments, Autumn 2006


I am a current McMahon resident and I completed my housing application by the deadline (April 15) to return to the dorms for next year. I haven't recieved any information about my dorm assignment for next year at all, yet I've heard of a lot of people who already know the room/roommate they've been assigned to for Autumn 2006.

Am I missing something? Are the residence halls going to assign me a room and dorm themselves (and I should just wait for them to do this), or is there some place that I should be going to online that will let me pick my building, etc. for next year since I am a returning residence hall student?

Any help would be appreciated. :)

Screaming Girl?

McMahon People:
Did anyone hear the girl screaming outside their window last night? I wasn't here, but my clustermates said they heard a girl scream (bloody murder, literally) "They're stalking me and won't let me in the building!" Apparently a bunch of people rushed out to their balconies (it was on the sundeck side of McMahon) and a person on the third floor called 4-DUTY but no one answered so s/he then called 911.

When I reached McMahon there was a cop outside talking into his radio about the call coming from the third floor, and there were people outside looking slightly puzzled. I went upstairs and my clustermates were freaking out--they were really worried for the girl. So they went down to speak to the RAs and the police officer (the police officer thought the girl had been out ON the sundeck, but nobody out on the balconies could actually see the girl)... and they also told them that right after the scream a car left the parking garage.

SO--that being said, does anyone know any more information about this? Or whether or not they found the girl? If it was a joke gone wrong? My clustermates are worried that the girl was actually taken, because they figured if she made it inside safe and sound, she would have talked to the officer. OR SOMETHING.

It's really creeping us out.

Oh, and also: if this post is inappropriate, feel free to delete it.

UPDATE, 5/2/06:

Got this email from my RA:

Hey gals,

At my staff meeting, we were talking about the screaming of that girl the other
night. Apparently, what happened was she was on the balcony and her
clustermates locked her out, so she freaked out. It was apparently very scary
screaming, so alot of people were worried, not just you guys. Alot of people
called the cops and everything. It wasn't anything serious. Thanks for keeping
a look out though. That was very sweet of you gals!

*smile* Have a good week, k?

So, that's good.

Dean and Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Open Forum

The search committee for the position of Dean and Vice Provost for Academic Affairs is holding an open forum tomorrow, May 2nd, for both students and staff to attend. The committee has been set up to recommend candidates for Vice Provost and Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs and to organize events for the search process. As part of the search process, the committee is keenly interested in hearing from students, OUE (Office of Undergraduate Education) directors and staff, and the campus community at large. We are seeking your advice and ideas about the search, including the attributes you look for in the dean and vice provost, as well as the challenges, opportunities, and emerging issues facing the unit. This would be a great opportunity to convey your thoughts, feedback and expectations you have of a VP for AA and what you'd like (or not like) to see in a candidate. It would be greatly appreciated if you could give us your input! To facilitate input, we will hold the following two meetings.

May 2, noon-1:00 p.m., HUB 108, for OUE directors and staff

May 2, 1:00 pm - 2:00 p.m., HUB 108, for students

These meetings are both open to the campus community.If you are unable to attend the open forum, please feel free to send your input to