April 26th, 2006


I just got my UW Welcome Package and it says that if I can I should avoid forwarding my mail that is sent to my UW NetID account to another email address. But when I first signed up for it, it automatically said it was gonna said mail to my yahoo account. How do I change it? I only see two options when I click "Change UW email forwarding" and the two options are Forward my incoming UW Email to a different email address and Stop my UW Email. What do I do so that emails sent to my UW account stay there?


anyone know if there's a max on how many classes you can take pass/fail? I know you can't take classes that pretain to your major/minor pass/fail, but what about other classes?

Hey y'all, help a Texan out

I'm an undergrad at the University of Texas at Austin and plan on applying to UW for the graduate program (art history, specifically). Where can I request an information packet to be sent to my home? I scoured the UW site, but to no avail.

Or, you know, if any of y'all are familiar with that program, feel free to share your thoughts.

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Invisible Children

Hey Everyone, I haven't noticed any posts about Invisible Children or the events coming up this weekend to bring awareness of the war and genocide taking place in Sudan.

I'm not affiliated with any of the groups planning these events but I thought it was important to let everyone know.

Just a little background info about the film Invisible Children, (taken from invisiblechildren.com) "What started out as a film-making adventure in Africa, transformed into much more, when the three young American’s
(Jason Russell, Bobby Bailey, and Laren Poole) original travels took a divine turn, and they found themselves stranded in Northern Uganda. They discovered children being kidnapped nightly from their homes and subsequently forced to become fight as child soldiers. This film is dedicated to exposing this tragic, and amazingly untold story.

Even at this moment, in Uganda, Children as young as 8 are methodically kidnapped from their homes by a rebel group called the “Lord’s Resistance Army” (LRA). The abducted children are then desensitized to the horror of brutal violence and killing, as they themselves are turned into vicious fighters. Some escape and hide in constant fear for their lives. Most remain captive, and grow to maturity with no education other than life “in the bush” and fighting in a guerilla war. Of the many ramifications that a 20 -year-long war can cause, the film “Invisible Children: Rough Cut” highlights what the
community refers to as “NIGHT COMMUTERS.” We watch thousands of children “commute” out of fear, from their villages to nearby towns each night in order to avoid the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) abductions. They sleep in public places,vulnerable, and without supervision."

This weekend April 29th is the Global Night Commute, taking place in over 100 cities across America, including Seattle. Its giving up one night to commute down to your city's downtown area and sleep on the ground, just as the children in Northern Uganda do every single night. The website says to say this in response to why you are doing the Global Night Commute:

"Americans are closing their eyes to open the worlds' to an unseen war. By lying down, we are joining the invisible children in Northern Uganda and demanding that our government put an end to the longest running war in Africa, and one of the worst crises in the world today"

To sign up or find out more about Invisible Children, or other ways to provide support go to http://www.invisiblechildren.com

Also, one last thing, there is going to be a march/rally on Sunday the 30th (across the nation, but also in Seattle). Go to http://www.savedarfur.org

If nothing else, at least go to the websites to find out more about whats happening in Africa.


What are you doing at 8pm tonight?

(yes i know this is tonight, and short notice...but at least its fresh on your mind!)


This past spring break, 11 undergraduate students at the University of Washington and 10 Jewish young adults from Seattle traveled to the Bajo Lempa region of El Salvador to work on sustainable agricultural projects. While there they worked with La Coordinadora an organization that provides services to the areas around the Bajo Lempa.

The students and young adults were hosted by the communities of Ciudad Romero and Isla de Mendez. These peasant communities rely heavily on organizations like La Coordinadora for education programs, job placement programs and agricultural aid.

We are very excited to be hosting Jose 'Chencho' Alas, leaders of these communities and La Coordinadora. He will be joined by Ike Toreino, incoming executive director of the Center for Self Sufficiency in Central America. Chencho and Ike will be speaking on building sustainable global environments and the importance of cross cultural communication and cooperation. We are honored to be hosting him in our communitiy.

In addition to being a community leader, Chencho was instrumental in bringing light to the exploitation of the native people of El Salvador prior to, and during the Salvadorian civil war.

We hope that through your attendance to this event we can show Chencho the same respect and warmth his communities shared with our students during their time in El Salvador.

Dessert reception to follow lecture.
thats right, free food

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I assume all seniors have been getting phone calls about making donations to the UW Gift Fund.

First off, I don't remember being given the opportunity to vote on our senior class gift, although I did spend my fall quarter interning full-time so maybe I missed some fall quarter discussion on it. Anyway, my other issue is that they are calling up and asking for $50 straight up. $50! Hopefully in the future that won't be a problematic sum for any of us, but asking most college students for $50 is ridiculous. Most of us are too cheap and/or too poor to give $50. I think if they called people up and suggested donation amounts of $5/$10, students would be FAR more receptive, and all those small donations would add up faster than the less frequent $50+ ones. Thoughts?