April 25th, 2006

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in other news, apparently going to the UW med ER late on saturday night because you are in pain is not enough of a reason to go there because if you are a 20 something male they will think you are there for drugs. granted i may be the age, but if i wanted drugs there's a large section of house between 45th and 50th next to UW that I could go to. and being nice afterwards and realizing i am in pain does not change the situation, nurse and resident, if it wasn't for an attending who was actually doing his job I would have been severely disappointed in this hospital. in the end it turned out i got mono for a second time, just warning to y'all, there's two mono viruses, and apparently if you are part of the 1/3 of the population that gets affected by them, you can get it twice.

go mono.
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I'm trying to decide whether it would be better to take the Greek 100 introductory series or the 300-301 accelerated. Who here has taken either of these series? If you've taken the accelerated, how fast did it move? Was it reasonable and did it prepare you well enough for second year Greek, if you went on to take it?

Hair Salons/Places

So I did check the memories, but most of them seemed to be oriented towards having more drastic things done. I'd just like to get my hair trimmed, nothing fancy just have the ends taken off, so they aren't splitting.

Any recommendations of good places to go? Preferably U district area and preferably cheap (under $20).