April 22nd, 2006

Summer Subletting

House with 5 bedrooms available for sublet from June through August at 52nd and 22nd. Washer, dryer, parking, quiet neighborhood, internet. 370 + utilities.

Email uniquesnowflake8@gmail.com if interested
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curiosity question

anybody here know how one would go about appealing a rejection from a major? my friend is almost done with their major (needing just 15 more credits) and therefore almost out of this place. the lot of us believe the application reviewers did nothing more than look at the cum gpa (which was not the greatest b.c of personal problems during some of their quarters here), but if they had taken the time to read the essays supplied and look at the transcript they would have seen an amazing upwards trend these past quarters in this person's life and how they turned their life around.

so, any websites or numbers to call would be helpful. and yes we already know about other options such as general studies.
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Sublet Available

I'm trying to find someone to sublet a room in a 4 person house. The room is available NOW!

It's located in Ravenna right on 25th Ave and 55th St. (I can practically see Kidd Valley) About a 20 minute walk to campus, or you can catch the 68/372 bus to campus. It's also on the 74 route so you can catch a downtown express bus very easily.

The house is old, but it has brand new carpeting and Pergo floors.

Rent is $455/month + utilities.

Leave me a comment or email house@dawgza.com if you're interested.