April 21st, 2006

nordhiem.. SUMMER

I already posted this, but didn't get anyone to follow up..

I need to sublet my room at nordhiem cause i'm graduating in june.

if you are a girl, you can take my room for the summer. the lease expires august 31, 2006.

it is 605 a month, and i have a parking pass, so you could get a spot if you wanted it.

you get all utilities, internet, cable, etc included in the set price.

please contact me at blueberries_mochiron@hotmail.com if you are interested in renting it.

it is a clean place to live and close to school and right next to uvillage.
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hey guys.

i just recently lost my wallet last week on the 41, and i've been lazy so i haven't been to schmidt/schmitt hall to get a new uw id yet, but...

would anyone possibly be willing to get me a ticket to the books tonight at the hub tonight? i don't have classes today, but i could meet you before and get the ticket from you, and pay you back plus a dollar.

thanks in advance.

Question for you artsy types

I'm aching to paint once more. The problem is, I live in Hansee, so that makes it impossible to paint at home, because 1) it's cramped and 2) not very well-lit. I usually chilled in the art building, but I don't have a studio art class this quarter, and therefore no room I could use. Thus, the question is: are there any other places on campus where one could comfortably paint?