April 20th, 2006

  • ariata

as an FYI...

Thanks for your message. 5th year is the designation that's given to
post-bac students, so if you're an undergrad who happens to be studying
for more than 4 years, not to worry, this doesn't apply to you.
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Friday, 4/21 8:30 PM
w/ p:ano
HUB Auditorium, Husky Union Building, University of Washington

$6 for UW students with ID at the HUB ticket office
$12 for general public at ticketswest.com

mmm tasty boogers

The girl in the Mary Gates computer lab with her fingers up her nose, licking the boogers off and then typing...ewwww! And she's got a smile on her face too, those boogers sure must be tasty. Times like this remind me that I need a camera phone.
where do I go from here?

(no subject)

How long does it take to get an official transcript? The website says "same-day pickup," but I'm wondering if that means that the transcript will be printed while I wait, or if it will take a few hours.