April 19th, 2006

Any GOOD math classes?

Here's the deal.. I need 5 credits to complete my minor in math.. I've taken math 124-126, 307, 308, 324.. and I'm currently taking 309.. I think I need two more classes because I took some of the classes at NSCC... Does anybody know any good professor or class that they wanna recommend?

btw is minoring in something totally useless? o_O
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In Loving Memory - April 29th - Please spread the word!

In Loving Memory: A Celebration of Seattle Music Culture
A memorial for the victims of the recent Capitol Hill tragedy will be held on Saturday, April 29th. Located at the Seattle Center's International Fountain and Mural Amphitheatre, the event will commemorate the lives of the victims and their connections to their communities. This gathering will celebrate the creative and varied interests of the victims through music, dance, and art and will facilitate community building and understanding for Seattle's diverse population.

What: In Loving Memory: A Celebration of Seattle Music Culture
A memorial event for the victims of the shooting on Capitol Hill
When: Saturday, April 29, 10AM to dusk
Where: Seattle Center - International Fountain and Mural Amphitheatre
Cost: Free and open to the public

Confirmed Speakers:

The City of Seattle has been amazingly supportive of our community, and we are pleased to announce two of many more speakers to come:
Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske -
Seattle City Councilmember Tom Rasmussen -
Seattle City Councilmember Nick Licata -
Nick Licata will be speaking about the All-Ages Dance Ordinance with some history of Seattle's policies towards all-ages events as well as how Seattle's government is moving forward. http://www.cityofseattle.net/council/licata/
Promoter's Panel
This panel discussion will include event producers and promoters from Seattle. The intention is to discuss all ages events, and the general dance music scene in Seattle (including 21+) with the goal helping show all the different communities and positive effects from them. This is an opportunity to ask questions of those directly involved.

Visual Art Tent:

The art booth will be open to anyone that would like to submit work to be shown. You may submit written words, paintings, photography, sculpture, anything at all that is a related in reflection or mourning or redemption of the events that occurred on the 25th, and/or the community that has surrounded this tragedy. Everyone is welcome and encouraged, even if you did not know victims. We know that there is not much notice, but please submit. No one is going to be turned down due to skill. However, all work will have to be reviewed ahead of time either electronically or in person just to be sure that it isn't triggering or inappropriate, and also to be sure that we will have room and accommodation for all of the shapes and sizes of the pieces. This is a community effort and the more that is shared here the better it will be!

Please email alexis@ssopress.com to talk about pieces or if you have any questions. We are asking that no one try to sell art unless the proceeds are going to be donated to the various funds that have been set up for the survivors or the victim's families.

Performance Art:

Pure Circkus - Pure Cirkus has been described as the "Modern CirKus". With a focus upon corporeal storytelling through the combination of live performances merging elements of street performances, theatre, circus, opera, tribal and industrial, with body modification and fire manipulation.
Along with its stunning costumes, height-defying stilt walkers and aerialists, illusionists, comical clowns, jaw dropping acts of demented bravery by the geeks, freaks and acrobats, the clash of both the macabre and mystical side of the three ring circus is brought to life through the human body in its Purest form.
Womanipura - Womanipura is a fire dancing troupe that bases their dance philosophy on an organic flow between the dancers and the flames. Consisting of 3 women, Womanipura derived their name from combining the words "woman" and "manipura." Manipura is the Sanskrit name for the Solar Plexus Chakra. Manipura represents energy and vitality, and is associated with the element of Fire and the courage to take risks. It is about the power to be a unique individual while celebrating one's continuing connection with all of humanity. The members of Womanipura approach their fire dancing with this in mind. Using elements of dance, yoga, capoeira, contact dance and improv, each is able to contribute their own style, creating an awe-inspiring show of sisterhood and flames.
Spinergy - Spinergy is a group of professional performers who specialize in the creative manipulation of fire and the norms of human performance. This is done by mixing circus arts, modern and traditional dance styles, complex and unique choreography, rich and dramatic theatrics, martial arts, and more. They create visual spectacles that have delighted audiences the world over.


Barry Curtis of the Kingsmen - famous for the popular and controversial song, "Louie Louie."
DJ Dan - world-renowned DJ originating in Seattle.
Reggie Watts - Seattle comedian and musician.
Venetian Snares - an experimental electronic music producer from Winnipeg.
Calvin Johnson - founder of K Records; will be playing an acoustic set.
Dan Doormouse - an electronic music performer from Miami, Florida.
K J Sawka - live drumming.
Kled - a Seattle band.
Jimni Cricket - a Seattle DJ.
Primary Element - acrobalancing, acrobatics, juggling, and clowning.
Pure Cirkus - street performances, theatre, circus, and opera.

More artists, speakers, and performers to be announced.

For more information: http://inlovingmemoryseattle.org

For volunteer information, email: info@inlovingmemoryseattle.org

For media inquiries or any additional info, email: elise@inlovingmemoryseattle.org

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1. Could someone please explain to me how going as 'Undecided' works. When can I choose classes? Can I take any classes? Say, I wanna do Sociology and something in Economics, is that possible? If my Enrollment Confirmation Form says my major is PRE SCO SCI, can I change that once I get there?

2. What is printing like over there, as in costs offered by the UW? Eg. 40 papers per week. Do you recommend getting your own printer?

3. For the Measles Immunization Policy, do I send it before I send my deposit? Can I send it through fax now and then pay my deposit later, or would they lose it?

4. Is the weather at UW Seattle really what everyone stereotypes it to be...A LOT of rain?

5. Do I apply for Health Insurance once I'm in Seattle?


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I'm looking to educate myself with information from other classes and lectures.

I'm want to stock up on some spoken word (i.e. audio to burn to CD) for the large amount of time I'll spend in my car this summer.

Do you have any recommendations?
Know of Pod Casted classes, past or present? (and if one outside of the class is aloud to subscribe/download)
Other universities that started a program of sharing certain lectures like Stanford on iTunes?

Thanks for anything!!

(yes, I'm a matriculating, paying student)
roma ti amo

italian 234

hi, i'm planning on attending uw this summer as a non-matriculated student in order to take italian 234 [intensive 2nd year italian]. I've already sent in my paperwork but am waiting for a response. Unfortunately, I've noticed that the class is filling up pretty quickly and I was wondering if there was anybody who would be willing to hold a spot for me in that class? I've asked my friends but there are prerequisites that they don't fulfill unfortunately.

the sln for this course is 2420.

just leave a comment or email me at qtpiezgurl[at]gmail.com


edit I shoud add what the prereqs are to register for this course:

Prerequisite: either ITAL 103, ITAL 113, ITAL 134, or score of 57-100 on IT TL placement test. Offered: S.
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GPA woes

So how much do 2.0 credit class weigh against your GPA. I'm taking a 2.0 credit class and just got a 19 out of 30 on the midterm and am scared that it won't be that easy 4.0 that I thought it would be and I desperately want to have a 3.0 GPA when I graduate and its like 3.03 right now and if I get a 2.0 or something in this 2.0 credit class will that pull down my GPA?? :(

human sexuality.

so this summer i am taking microbiology and a comparative literature course. can anyone tell me what kind of a load psych 210, human sexuality, was/is?? it seems like a really interesting class to take, but i don't know how i feel about taking a hard summer quarter. any advice would be appreciated. also, suggestions for I/S classes would be helpful. (interesting classes only please!!)

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I was wondering if anyone knew of washington's policy on rescinding acceptances. Do they have a minimum GPA that must be held during second semester of senior year? Do they even check it? Any comments on the subject would be greatly appreciated!