April 17th, 2006


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I see on the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center website that there is a shuttle that runs from the UW Medical Center to the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, and there appears to be one, SCCA2, that leaves at 12:35 PM and arrives at the SCCA at 12:55 PM.

The website says the shuttle departs from Muilenberg Tower, but I have absolutely no idea where that is. I was able to find that it is the far east side of the UW Medical Center, but I still don't know where I should be if I'm trying to catch it.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Do you wait inside/outside for it? Is there a nice little sign that says "This is a shuttle stop!" or something? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have to be there by 1:15 PM tomorrow and can't kick the cash for a taxi.


Did anyone submit to Bricolage this year? If so, have you heard whether or not you were accepted yet? Just wondering because the website says notification will be early spring quarter, but I haven't heard...I knew I shouldn't have put my entry in that dodgy Ave. mailbox.
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I want to know anything and everything there is to know about the nursing program at UW before I decide whether or not I'm interested in applying. Does anybody have any info? Hard to get into? How many people are in it?
I know at some schools there's only about 30 people that are accepted and you spend the entire time working with those same people.. so anything I should know about it that might make me change my mind about going there would be very helpful!
Thanks a billion.
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Parking around Nordheim

So...as for Nordheim Courts...I am looking into moving in next year and I'm curious if purchasing a parking spot is worth it or if there is relatively easy free parking anywhere close to Nordheim?
Thanks :)