April 12th, 2006


ASUW HUB Movie Nights

I know it was posted in response to a previous post, but I wanted to be sure everyone knew what movies were playing in the HUB this quarter. Remember, the ASUW Arts and Entertainment Film Series takes place on Wednesdays. It's $2 for one movie or $3 for both; tickets are available the day of the movie.

What's Showin'?Collapse )

u-pass question

I didn't see anything in the memories about this, but I know it's been asked before at some point - sorry for asking again.

However, I need to know what the deal is with potentially getting a U-pass over the summer without taking classes. Is that even possible? I'll be working downtown every day & I refuse to pay for parking, but I'd like to find something cheaper than paying $1.25 or whatever it is every day.

Any info that anybody has would be super!