April 10th, 2006


Windows Live Expo Contest...

Did anyone here enter the the contest on Windows Live Expo? The one where you put something like a maraca or piggy bank up for sale, and "Edward G. Ramos" would buy it from you? I did that for Death to Smoochy, and I've been emailing back and forth with a guy named "Stanleytiips02" on there, because he wants to purchase it for his client. I was wondering if anyone knew if he was indeed part of the contest, or if he is just a random creepy guy trying to get my address.

Has anyone been personally contacted by this Mr. Ramos fellow? How about Stanleytiips02? What about those Ice Cube concert tickets, huh?
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omega tetris

(no subject)

If you were thinking about waiving a stray credit in the interest of graduating on time, ask your advisor ASAP. Mine said that the last time she had heard of that being done successfully was when the student died. She also said that the committee who decides these things meets once a month.

On a related note, does anyone know how I could get an extra credit into my schedule in the third week? I'm already at 20.
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(no subject)

I've heard that research universities often license and or sell patented ideas/technology that they've (students, facutly, etc) developed for additional revenue.

Do you know of any nifty things UofW has come up with?

no one likes cats in the u-district

i'm having trouble finding housing for an 8-person group because we want a house that allows pets (specifically one cat and 2 caged animals). does anybody have any suggestions? we've already called a lot of landlords in search of a cat-friendly home, so if anyone has any specific information please share!

Convention survey

Howdy folks. Several of my fellow UW Informatics students and I are currently working on a project to create a Facebook-esque social networking system for conventions (for everything from crazy anime nerd conventions to the Seattle Home Show), and we have created a brief survey to figure out how convention-goers locate convention-related information. If any of youse guys could take a couple minutes to fill out the survey with some of your convention-related experiences (if any), that would be most appreciated.



need a place for the summer?

hey guys,

do you want to live at nordhiem in the summer?

i'm graduating so.. i wanna sublet for the rest of my lease which is until august 31 2006.

if you are a girl and want a quiet clean location next to u-village and uw, this is a sweet deal.

if you are interested email me at blueberries_mochiron@hotmail.com
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help me!

I need a job ASAP. I've checked on-campus jobs and craigslist and such, and have put in some appplications I'm sure 1000 other people have, as well. I know that most people find jobs through people who know that the job is open, so help me out, guys! I have several years food prep experience, writing and magazine editing experience and data entry exp, as well as video/dvd/editing suite experience. Need someone to pick up a few shifts at your work? Let me know!

Thanks. I like paying rent, eating and shovelling money at the UW, so I'm hoping you guys can help me out :p

EDIT: Thanks for all the help! I'm checking out all these things over the next day or so.


Sublet available: extremely spacious, gorgeous 1 bdrm on 7th and 43rd. HUGE HUGE HUGE bedroom and bathroom! Available June 11th...but that is negotiable, as long as it is after June 5th. Lease is up on Aug. 31st. You can also extend the lease through the next school year if you want to. email me at quinns@u.washington.edu if interested and I can send pictures and/or you can come and see it. It's a STEAL!
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