April 8th, 2006


PAC code lost

I was sent my PAC(Prive Access Code) a week after i turned in my application and created a UWnetID. Now trying to register for housing and all that stuff and I realize that I've forgotten my userID and I've misplaced my PAC code. I tried calling the office and they told me to Email afkuwadm@u.washington since they couldn't verify my identity over the phone.
Has anyone else had this problem and know what to do to be able to get my PAC?? Someone suggested going down to the UWTacoma Campus (I live in Tacoma) and getting it in person.

I feel really careless for losing something like that and I really need it now. Anyone have any adivce?

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Oh the humanity...

Is it just me, or is there some truly evil irony in the fact that tuition is due the day before taxes?

Gah! It actually induced me to do my taxes a whole week before the deadline! That's just wrong.

...that or I'm alone, and this community is actually incredibly organized and payed both your taxes and your tuition weeks ago... (bastards)