April 6th, 2006

Am I really doing this?

So, while in the process of putting off a paper due tomorrow (here's to a good start!), I'm in the library not focusing, and, of course what do i see but one of the omnipresent Counter-Strike players just starting up a game. Nostalgia hits, and I ahve a GODDAMN CRAVING to play some counter-strike.

I'm pretty much just curious how one would manage to run Counter-Strike on a campus computer, such as one of the ones in the library.

so would i assume you'd just save the game onto Dante and then do that ever time? i kinda doubt they're installing the game and setting it up every time they come play...


can anyone tell me what the extra money from out of state tuition goes towards at UW?

looking at some figures - uw received 17.9 mil from state gov't money for 2006-2007. And there are around 5.8 mil people in washington, so that's about 3 dollars from each person whether they attend or not.

since it's impossible for me to get instate without giving up a year and working full time, does anyone know where i can find out how my money is spent?

essentially they don't have to accept out of staters, so why do they need the extra money?

thanks for any help.

*EDIT* This is a curiosity question, not a bitching question. So settle down, because you are making me all riled up. I like UW and I like instaters, I am just Curious . That is all. Have a nice day. :)