April 5th, 2006

H A/S 252...wtf?!

Has anyone who took H A/S 252 Hidden Histories with Roger Morris last quarter recieved their grade yet? I would sort of like to know by the time spring quarter midterms roll around...but that's looking like an increasingly improbable event...*exasperated*

Summer Transition Program

Hi! I just became a member and I just got my acceptance letter today after much worry. I'm so excited to become a UW student!

I looked in the memories and saw information on Early Fall Start Program and it sounds really cool. I got selected for that program too (it's called Summer Transition Program now and it's now 6 credits instead of 5)and I just had basic questions on it. No one else I know got any information on this program so do you guys know exactly how they select students for it or is it for anyone and the scholarship for it (room and board, tuition, books) for select people? I was really surprised to get this and not anyone else I know since...me=3.39 and most everyone else I know had 4.0 or 3.9/3.8s. And anyone that did it what exactly do you do for those 4 weeks??

Well.....that's it basically. thanks!

I'm still so excited over my acceptance!
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Dust Sufferers Unite!

I don't know about the situation in other dorms, but here in McMahon we are inundated with extremely large amounts of dust on a daily basis. I went through a brief spring cleaning frenzy earlier today and completely de-dusted the room I share with my roommate...

And there is already a thin coating of the crap on my desk, just four hours later.

WHAT can be done about this? Any suggestions are welcome (including sarcastic ones like "Uhhh... dust more often?"--while not exactly HELPFUL, they're at least funny)... currently I'm just using a wet paper towel for my dusting. Are there any products that you'd recommend? I've heard something about a Swiffer something-or-other before, but now I can't remember the exact product name.

Anyway, now that I've clogged up your friends list, I must get back to writing a paper and watching the dirt pile up.

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thought i'd give it a try

A couple of friends and I are looking to move into an apartment this summer-next year and found one that looked interesting. After reading a review written on apartmentratings.com we wanted to see if we could find anyone else that has any knowledge of the place, seeing as how the review wasn't a very good one. The apartment we are looking at is called La Villa, it's located on Capital Hill. If you know anything about the place, management, etc... please let me know! Thanks!!


English 281 online class.
I was wondering if anybody took it. How does the class work and what kind of time line do you get with assignments.
I just got in a big ski accident that pretty much paralyses me to my bed for the rest of the quarter and had to drope out of all my classes. So if there is not too much workload in the class that would definitely be a plus.
I saw you can take english 281 and enroll at anytime in it as well, is that true? In a week or two I should have some brain left between two doses of pain killers to write half assed essays that would have sucked even without the pain killers ;)

magazines anyone?

hello all, i have to collect a number of magazines--of any genre-- for a class, and being as I don't read a lot of magazines, I was wondering if anyone out there has a stack that they need to get rid of. I don't care if they are fashion, snowboarding, martha stewart, maxim--anything. (ok, not porn...but I doubt you'd donate that anyways).

If you have any magazines that you are willing to donate, comment or email louise.marie(at)gmail.com