March 30th, 2006

  • arcane

"Fools" Opening Next Week!

An undergraduate production of "Fools", by Neil Simon, is opening at the University of Washington next week.


Wed April 5th @ 7:30
Thur April 6th @ 7:30
Sat April 8th @ 7:30 & midnight
Sun April 9th @ 2:00

PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS NO FRIDAY SHOW. It is a special performance for a specific group of students and is, in effect, sold out.

Tickets are free. To be performed at the Hillel House on the corner of NE 50th ave & 17th ave NE in the U-District.


I play Leon Tolchinsky, a young teacher who has landed a terrific job in an idyllic Russian hamlet. When he arrives he finds that the entire town for the last 200 years has been cursed with chronic stupidity. He vows to break the curse but, unknown to him, has only 24 fateful hours to do this before he, too, becomes victim to the curse.

So tell your friends and family and have them tell their friends and family. You have no excuse because it's FREE damnit!


Hello all:

Getting rid of some textbooks.

MGMT 200 -- Understanding the Law, Fourth Edition. Bought new. $50
PHYS 114 -- Physics Volume 1 by James S. Walker. Mostly dog-eared, in good . $35
PHYS 115 -- Physics Volume 2 by James S. Walker. Dog-eared. $35
PHYS 114/115/116 series -- H-ITT clicker. $10
Email me at if interested. Thanks!