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Wednesday, March 29th, 2006

Time:1:24 pm.
It's old, it's not very pretty, it's been highlighted (by a user previous to me), but it will get you through the class easy peasy lemon squeezy. And for the ridiculously low price of only $10. Comment or send me an e-mail at elysemm@u.washington.edu
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Subject:blue dot what?
Time:4:07 pm.
anybody else been approached by the blue.us guys or gotten emails, facebook messages/invites?

anybody actually join? i'm curious as to what it is.
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Subject:Weekend hiking group thing
Time:5:37 pm.
Hey, so I saw some signs for a weekend hiking group thing a while ago with email addresses of the people to contact but I didn't have anything to write them down on and I haven't been able to find any of the signs ever since. Does anyone know who to contact for that?
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Time:6:15 pm.
Geography 380 VS Anth 459

so my Prisons from an Anth prespective class was cancelled this qt. geog 380 w/ J. Mayor and anth 459 w/ Devon Pena are offered in the same time slot.

anth 459 is going to ba a large work load, but its only roughly 30 people large. while geog 380 is about 120 people or so. has anyone had both geog 280 and 380? I took 280 a while back and loved it, mainly because of section and the assigned readings. Is 380 as good? I see there are no sections.

If anyone is currenlty in 380 could you send/link me to the syllabus? anyone here know if anth 459 is as overwhelming as it seems?
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Time:7:43 pm.
Does anyone know if you can park in the parking lots on campus [like the one by the hub] at 5pm? without any hassel?
I have to be oncampus from 5-630, I dont really feel comfortable parking away from campus and then walking alone in the dark

Thanks so much! ~Christina
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LiveJournal for University of Washington.

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