March 27th, 2006

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okay, so i'm eligible to apply for the honors college late admission. you need to have a 3.50 gpa to apply and i'm barely above that. i really, really want to get in, but i'm also fairly certain that i won't, sadly. my writing skills are good and my grades for classes relating to my major a quite good. but if i don't get in can i re-apply later? provided, of course, that my gpa is still above 3.50. also, does anyone know how difficult it is to get accepted to honors late admission? all info would be appreciated.

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Any one happen to know where I could find a FedEx or UPS in the U-Dist area? (Or similar shipping where I could do tracked-shipment and/or overnight shipping?)

Thanks. :-)
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Books for sale - Psych 210

I have all three books for the Human Sexuality course, and am willing to sell the entire set for $125 or your best offer. Two of the books are used but the lecture guide is brand new and not marked on. If you have any questions or would like to get a hold of me, please contact me at mreh @
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So I headed down to the U Bookstore today to buy my $250 worth of Spanish books (including a dictionary heavy enough to kill someone if I took a good aim at their head), and when I got back home and realized that my left hand was COVERED in purple ink. After puzzling over it for a minute, I realized that it was from the bag with my books in it. Be forewarned. It didn't all come off.
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Basketball News:

Brandon Roy was picked to be on the the AP's All American first team.

Roy is Washington's first All-American since Bob Houbregs in 1953.

"It's awesome that top players from the state of Washington with a year difference in age are considered top players in the country," Roy said. "That says a lot for the state and how we've come along as basketball players. When I was a kid, I dreamed about this."

Roy, a 6-6 swingman, averaged 19.9 points, 5.7 rebounds and 4.1 assists while shooting 51 percent from the field and 81 percent from the free throw line.


Yet another book for sale!

If any of you are taking ECON 200 and don't want to pay tons of money for a new book, I have a used older copy for you. I took ECON 200 in Fall 05, and have a Third Edition of Principles of Microeconomics by Silberberg. The newest copy is the fourth edition, but the professors don't mind if you use an older copy. It has all of the same information, and my copy has no highlighting or marks of any kind. I'm asking for $30 OBO, which should be less than 1/3 the price of a new copy.

Hope this helps someone out!
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chem 152

I know posts like this are really annoying...but...

If you are in Chem 152 sections: AL, AI, AJ, AH, AK, AF, AE, AD or AC

and are willing to switch with me (section AB) I will love you forever.
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Well, seeing as this post leads me to believe that there was at least ONE picture taken of the Quad today, how about commenting with one or two of your favourite photos, if you happened to be a blooming shutterbug? =D
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ASUW Rally for Marriage Equality

Hey everyone, check out this amazing event next Tuesday! It's time we here at UW garnered national media attention for a positive event and now's the time. Be sure to bring your friends!

ASUW Rally for Marriage Equaltiy

April 4th, 12:00-1:00pm
HUB Lawn
Speakers: Jennifer Self (Q Center), Jamie Pedersen (Lambda Legal; Preston, Gates, and Ellis), and Rep. Ed Murray (43rd Legislative District).

Join leaders in the Washington State fight for marriage equality as they discuss how far we've come, how far we have to go, and how you can help. You'll have the opportunity to get directly involved with numerous organizations advocating for marriage equality and make your voice heard. Now more than ever, advocates for equality must stand up to those who would oppose it. Tuesday, April 4th is your opportunity.

Brought to you by ASUW, ASUW GBLTC, ACLU at UW, and Young Democrats at the UW.

Questions? E-mail


I'm looking at LSAT prep courses, and am especially interested in Princeton Review or Testmasters. Does anyone have suggestions or experiences to share, in regards to the helpfulness, quality, instructors for these or other Seattle-area LSAT prep courses? Thanks!
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FSH 475 Marine Mammalogy

Does anybody want to take a potential open spot in Lab/Lecture? I may be able to help. As of now I'm still registered but that's just cuz they haven't updated the system to show that I've been kicked out of my exchange. Prof is letting me take the class anyway, so I can drop the class and lab (I THINK) if somebody out there needs it.

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I don´t know if it´s too early to ask this, but does anyone know when the time schedule/schedule finder/etc. will be up for Autumn Quarter 2007? I´m studying abroad and don´t have Internet access 24/7, so hopefully it´s up sooner so I have more time to plan a schedule... (I know, I have this thing with doing things early.)

Anyway, I hope you all have a good first day of the quarter!
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class route

Does anyone have any ideas for getting from the Physics/Astronomy Auditorium to Miller between classes? I've been making it in about 15 most days when I'm not running, and I'm sure there's got to be a quicker route!
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the Quad is alive with falling cherry blooms...

Okay, as so nicely asked, several times over, here is my one of my favourite photos of the Quad this year. I took these pictures this afternoon; normally the trees bloom and lose their blossoms over break; I was sad that I was out of town on break this year, since I'm leaving Seattle right after graduation. But, walking to class today, what did I see but hoardes of people and falling petals.

I was pretty happy. :)

Anyhow, one photo. Click on it to see the rest:
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