March 22nd, 2006

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So how fucked am I as far as CS admissions is concerned after getting a freakin' 2.4 in CSE143? I did similarly badly in Math 126. I did okay in 142 and in all my other classes this quarter and last, but I've run out of programming classes, and I'm afraid I've made a bad impression on my transcript about my "programming abilities" (which apparently aren't that great). Anyone else feel completely aggravated at Reges and/or Milac? I could have sworn I did well on both of those finals. I *actually* projected a 3.5 GPA this quarter no more than a week ago. ...not an annoyingly painful 2.9.

I'm pretty set on CS, but I'm also realistic. Should I not be getting my hopes up at this point? I've heard EE is a good backup and has a similar job outlook. Truth to this?

I'm meeting with a counselor (the CS advising sort, although perhaps the usual kind may be of some value) soon, but I'm looking for personal insight. Suggestions on what to do; what classes to take; ways to appear desirable to admissions committees despite a couple relatively low grades--any and all would be great.

Thanks, all!
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Econ 485: Economics Game Theory

The time schedule says that Econ 404 (Industrial Organization & Price Analysis) is recommended, but not required for Econ 485 (Economic Game Theory). For those that have taken Econ 485, would you say that the information you learned in 404 was necessary for the class? Would it be difficult to take the class without having taken 404?
Thanks in advance.
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Graduating and need a job?

I got an email at work and I figure I might as well post this here for all you soon to be graduates.

Henry Art Gallery
The Henry is hiring a Lead Graphic Designer or Graphic Designer (DOE) responsible for establishing concepts for publications, related design projects and completing design execution and production so that all materials reflect excellence and innovation in design consistent with the museum’s standards and institutional goals. Serve as an institutional expert and resource on design issues, electronic pre-press and electronic publication and work w/the Director and Communications & Outreach Manager to continuouslystrengthen the Henry’s overall graphic image and actively contribute to the Henry’s growth and identity.

Requirements: Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in graphic design, a minimum of three years professional experience, extensive project, team management and strong production experience, ability to work quickly and to bring creativity to the task at hand, high-level fluency in desktop technologies, preferably Adobe Creative Suite, Quark Xpress, and Macromedia Applications. Grace under pressure and an excellent sense of humor a must. Salary $32-38K DOE + terrific benefits. Send ltr, resume, and five samples (will not be returned) by 5 pm on 3/29 to Design Position, Henry Gallery Association, Box 351410, Seattle, WA 98195-1410 or This position is with the Henry’s non-profit and is not a UW position. EOE.
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vain.. hair woes

So after taking the suggestions, I've finally made an appt to get my hair cut at Vain downtown with Betsy tomorrow. My question is 1) Anyone have a guess of how much this cut might cost me? (yea, forgot to ask..) From the looks of the site and her page, i dont think it'll be cheap.. and 2) Has anyone else had Betsy cut their hair.. how did you like it.. and all that goodness? I'd guess since so many people suggested it, someone has to have gotten their hair cut there at some point... thnx!

oh and any tips on how tipping a hairdresser works in this day and age? I have no clue anymore. I typically just had my hairdresser my check plus some cash, but i dont know if thats just 'out of style' now or what..

ah, another random question.. Does anyone know what parking is like on 1st Ave down around the salon?? parking garage/lots? That would be awfully nice
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Greek System Summer Live in

Does anybody know anything about Living in the Greek System over the summer? I know the frats usually let girls rent out rooms... any suggestions for good ones, places to avoid (I know much of this community is anti-greek but still), prices etc? THanks!!