March 21st, 2006

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New section of cermaic art throwing open.

Which means that I just dropped beg. short story writing (engl 284) for anyone who wants to hop in.
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I need tutor recommendations (for MATH 308).
I'd prefer a grad student at UW.

I am aware there is a Math Dept. page with a list of tutors. I'm looking for recommendations, not a list.
Any input is appreciated- I think I'm going to need some one-on-one help this quarter for this class...


As a public service announcement I just wanted to let everyone know that the trees in the quad will be in full bloom in the next few days.
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Hey guys, I'm coming to UW in the fall and housing apps come out on Monday. Any advice on the dorms? I'm thinking I'm going to room with my friend, hopefully in one of the suites...

Also, I'm from California and want to bring my car with me. My grandparents live an hour away from Seattle and I want to be able to get to them easily. What are the chances of me getting a parking permit? Are there other options if the school doesn't give me one, maybe a lot or something?

higher level

Has anyone else ever had the experience of getting really good grades in higher level courses and getting kinda mediocre grades in lower level ones? I think I'm going nuts. I keep getting pretty decent grades in 300-400 level courses but get like low Bs in the 100-200 ones. It annoys the hell out of me. I keep thinking that if I do well in higher courses I should be able to do even better in the freakin' introductory ones. I'm starting to think something is wrong with how I am taking the classes or maybe others have had this happen? Either way, it makes me wonder whether taking a 400 level class is really that much harder than a 200.
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pencil is going to die

CHID 496G: Stargate & Ethics

CHID 496G Winter Quarter 2006
Focus Group
Stepping Through the Stargate: Applied Ethics with a Kwoosh

I know a bunch of us who taught/took this focus group have livejournals. Now that the quarter is wrapped up I’m curious who will ’fess up. Please drop a comment if you took this class. You don’t need to say your name or even friend anyone. Think of this as a test to see how networked we are. ^_^

If everyone is interested in science fiction in general we should have a movie night or something.

I’m Sarah O’Hara by the way. You can also find me through Facebook (which is evil and oh so delightfully addictive). I kind of liked all you yokels, so feel free to friend my crazy ass.