March 20th, 2006

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okay so i got nominated for this national society of collegiate scholars thing... does anyone know about that? it looks legit, but it also asks for money -- which makes me hesitate. so is anyone in it or know anything about it or know if its worth joining? all information is welcome.
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Any other seniors trying to register right now and getting the error message: The Personal Services are not in service at this time. Please try again during normal operating hours.



Hey, so I've got a book-selling question: where is the best place to resell textbooks? I've got quite a collection of books now (due to laziness pretty much). I'm interested in getting rid of them since I'm moving in June, and I'd prefer to make a bit of profit off them, they cost me enough to buy. So where's a good place to go?

As a sidenote, the books include ones for Econ 200, Psych 101, Intro to Law/Mmgt 200, Biopsych (202), Psych 209 (Psych Research), and Bio 118. If you're looking for a good deal on a book from any of these classes let me know, comment here or email me, email is They're all in good condition, just the usual highlighting at the most. So if you're looking for a deal...

Thanks all.