March 19th, 2006



Do we know the exact dates grades are to be posted? I checked the "Grades" area on myuw, and one of my grades was already posted but it didn't say when the rest would be up.

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House for rent, tenants needed asap

A friend of mine _miakachan asked me to post this in the uw lj community.

Large 4 bedroom house for rent. Available in Mid-April (4/16 at the latest)OR SOONER IF YOU ARE INTERESTED! You will be prorated for the first month based on the day you move in. We prefer to find someone by Mid-April or sooner to move in. Rent is $1795

4 bedrooms (The downstair bedroom is the largest)
3 full bathrooms (One bathroom is connected to the master bedroom)
Full Kitchen with Dishwasher, Garbage Disposal, Oven and Fridge
Large living spaces
Lots of closet space
Washer/Dryer in house
2-Car Garage and Private driveway (4 automatic garage openers are available to you)
Yard, maintanence provided by landlords, all you need to do is water the grass.

You pay for all utilities (W/S/G, Electricity and Gas)
Cable-Internet Ready

Minutes from Northgate Mall/Target/Best Buy
Close to I-5 Entrances and Express Lanes
Near busline to UW and downtown Seattle

A great house for college students or a family starting out! Quiet neighbors, and is located in a great location! The driveway is off the main road and can easily fit 4 cars in the back along with the two car garage. Landlords are friendly and helpful, very flexible. We are currently in the middle of moving out and we need an interested rent who needs to move in ASAP.

House is located at 11712 NE Roosevelt Way, Seattle, WA 98125. Please feel free to drive by and contact me ( to make an appointment!

Blackout wtf

I am so pissed that the power isn't back on yet. One whole side of Greek Row between 47th and 50th, the power's been out since 1:30 or 2. Bloody sucks. Please tell me willisbigred and I aren't the only ones suffering.

Oh, I'm writing this from Trabant. No power = no internets!