March 17th, 2006

SIS Series Textbook

I'm selling my "Worlds Together, Worlds Apart" textbook from the SIS 200 & SIS 201 classes. If you are taking either next quarter and don't want to pay the crazy prices at the bookstore, I'm selling mine for $35 dollars. There is some slight highlighting, etc, but nothing big. If you're interested in it leave a comment with some contact info. Thanks.
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MUSIC 116 Textbook

Has anyone taken music 116 this past year? Did you use the book "Basic Materials In Music Theory" by Harder and was it the 10th edition? Is there a later edition? I am willing to buy your book if you want to sell it. Thanks for the help.

(no subject)

Is it possible for non-Honors Program students to get into Honors-only classes? There's one poli sci class I'm interested in that has a "Poli Sci Honor Students" restriction, but it's less than 1/3 full. Do professors ever make exceptions? And are honors courses really that much more demanding than "regular" upper-level courses? Thanks!