March 16th, 2006



Sakura-Con is coming. Did you bring your coat?

Anyone else going? Anybody cosplaying? There's got to be at least one other member of the UW anime and/or gaming community planning on going.
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Does anyone know what's on the proficiency test for Spanish (is it oral, written, what are the tenses, other things I didn't think to mention)? I've already taken 102 and 101. Would you recommend taking 103, or would studying for the test on my own be okay?

Wallingford eatings...

Wallingford residents/lovers/whatever,

where might one go there to enjoy some good food, preferably for not too much money? Any suggestions welcome, I'm not very familiar with said area and would like to explore it some more now that there's actually time (buh-bye, finals!)...


class websites

Ok, why don't professors give you the link when they say a website is up for the class? Are we just supposed to figure it out? I've been putting in what I think *should* be it, but nothing. Maybe I missed the 'how to decipher your class website addy' intro course.
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I know im prolly far fetched on this one..
but thought I would try
I transfered not to long ago from a differnt college and there, I didnt need a foreign language for grad req. but here I do. I took some language anyways, but only 2 quarters of it. UW doesnt offer what I took and Im not sure I could jump into a 3quarter class aways. Is there any way of waivering this, or somehow getting out of it, or a certin language that is eaiser then others?! [haha. I know]
I really appreciate it though!
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