March 15th, 2006

University of Washington GPA's

(I would allow anonymous comments but I don't know how)

 After this last post that sparked a nerd debate, I was wondering... How's your g.p.a.

Do you think UofW has high grade inflation? 
Are you annoyed when kids at community college are all like ZOMGS I have a 3.9! 
Do you strive for perfection or just getting by? 
Does anyone REALLY ever see your transcript post-graduation minus-grad school?

Have anything at all to say about the topic...? 
No pressure to include your exact numbers or departments, this could be a nice general convo....

Room Question

Hey there: I'm home for spring break already, and I just found out my roommate is moving out, which means...WHAT? Are they really going to put a new person in JUST for spring quarter? Do I get the room all to myself? Because that would be AWESOME :D :D :D I don't want to get too excited :/ When I get back to seattle i'll ask my RA, but till then, has anyone else had this happen before? I live in Terry. Please say i'm going to be alone!!!

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Where might one take their Apple iBook around here to get it looked at? The problem seems to be of the hardware sort, something is up with its keyboard. Luckily, it's still under warranty...

tattoo at deep roots

fwiw IACTM.

So I made a consultation with "Ryan Rogers" at Deep Roots tattoo in the U-District today to discuss a future tattoo (a very, girly tattoo in a very cliche place. this is not up for discussion so don't try. although it will be all black, if that matters.) Anyways, the memories are a little out of date and no mention of Deep Roots, formerly Laughing Buddha (i think) so I don't know about applicability to current staff.

So..anyone get work done there recently, esp. with Ryan? Should I call up Slave to the Needle instead? I've had positive piercing experiences there, but Deep Roots is a five minute walk away so I went there first.

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