March 14th, 2006


Greek Row is a scary place.

Phil Collins?! At 1:30 in the morning?! That is uncool in so. many. ways.

This is the second night in a row that the light music or adult contemporary or whatever radio station was blasting outside my building for about 4 or 5 minutes. Bloody weird. Anybody else hear it?

EDIT-- Okay, fine. I don't actually dislike Phil Collins. It was "In the Air Tonight" and I actually like that song. But it's late at night, and some of us have finals tomorrow! Not me... but some of us!
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is it really necessary to do masonry work outside of Hansee (the quiet hall) at 7am during finals week? So much for sleeping. And not only that, what happened to them notifying us of anything? I went to the bathroom in a towel and was oogled by painters- shouldn't we be made aware that maintenence will be going on?
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Cherries in the Quad

Have they already started blooming? I want to enjoy them some, but I don't want to waste a trip out to the old alma mater (all the way from Ballard!) just to see that they're not blooming yet. I was out there a couple weeks ago (?) and the purpleleaf plums between Gowen & Savery were out, but not the cherries. So someone do an obligatory "OMG PRETTY!!" post or comment here to let me know? Thanks.

Computer Emergency

Hi everyone,

A friend of mine in the CHID lounge is having a laptop emergency right now, and I was wondering if anyone on this community might be able to help. Basically, the AC Adaptor for her laptop broke, the battery is dead, and she has no way of pulling the necessary files off of it. She was wondering if anyone might possess one that she could borrow for a few minutes, or if there was any places on campus where she could check one out. She already ordered a new one, but obviously, it won't arrive in time to help.

Anyway, It's a Toshiba Laptop A45-S121, although I'm sure that anything similar probably use the same adaptor (Including the A20, A25, and A4 series and Qosmio G15 and G25 series.). It's a long shot, but I figured it was worth a try.
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Not really UW related, but does anyone know an easy place around here to get foreign currency? I'm going to France on Saturday and would like to get some euros before I go. Thanks!

EDIT: My bank is Washington Mutual. I already called them, and they only do Canadian currency, which doesn't help much.

EDIT again: I went to Bank of America today, and was told they'll only exchange money if you have an account with them.

comcast rebate???

Hey, I'm a UW student and I live in the U-District SOOO...

Does anyone who has Comcast and got the $50 installation rebate know what to do with it? I mean, I got this little coupon in the mail that says "Installation Rebate Certificate" and it says "Certificate is non-transferable and expires 60 days after issue. Account must be in good standing. Certificate may only be redeemed for credit toward Comcast High-Speed Internet Installation and may not be used toward any other services. Please allow 2-3 billing cycles for credit to appear on your billing statement. No cash value." It doesn't say anything about mailing this certificate back to them or doing anything with it. But am I supposed to mail this to them or do something with it???

It's all just so ambiguous!
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new MFA student of UW

Hey folks,
I just had a question for any of those who moved to seattle from the east coast or I guess really from any where. I was just recently accepted and I will be moving from the "bumble crust" of Binghamton, NY. Anyone with advice on finding furnished 1 bedroom or large studio apts., please respond. Thanks all.
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study. study. study. ooo computer!

It is soooo difficult to study for finals of classes that you don't even care about. the class in this case? Linguistics 200. omg. i keep thinking that i've got it down, but then someone says some term like "free variation" and my mind goes to rabbits in a meadow or something else that is entirely unrelated.