March 13th, 2006


UW Business Spanish

As of today at 8:18 AM

8295 SPAN 313 A LC BUSINESS SPANISH 21 25 45 4

WHICH MEANS! There are 4 spots open.
Anyone interested?

Good luck with finals too.
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    Backpacks opening up to get ready for span lit final

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Aw, I was the first one done today =/ Took only a half hour.
TA: "You're done????[concerned look]"

Mostly when someone finishes really early I feel sad on the inside for them because they probably could not do a lot of the exam. I think I was right.
Rila in fog

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A looooong time ago I applied for a room change in Hansee, and now (18 weeks later) I got it! Hooray! Anyway, they gave me a choice of four rooms and I wanted to make a choice as an informed consumer. I very stupidly didn't save the Hansee floor plans that someone posted awhile back, and they seem to have been taken offline. Does anyone have them?
And if you happen to know the whole building for no apparent reason and feel the need to help my sorry ass, the rooms are Austin 233 and 332 and McKee 218 and 302
[me] edinburgh sunrise

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Can someone please strangle that little yippy dog that someone's locked in their car outside of Terry for the past four hours? I'm surprised its vocal cords haven't fallen out already.

[Edit:] I get it, I'm a terrible person. It's not the dog's fault. I don't want it to die. I just want to study for my finals in peace. Please.