March 10th, 2006


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How long does it take them to change your major status after you go to your department and request it? Specifically, I want to take a class that requires I be pre-engineering, which I never bothered to declare...
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and the textbook bartering begins

Does anyone have:

Mapping the Deep/Oceans for Oceanography 102


Vis a Vis/Encore des Excercises/Vis a Vis workbook for French 103

that they'd be willing to sell to me?

I'm doing my textbook shopping early because I'm leaving right after finals are over and I'll be across the country, so I figure I'll get a head start. Oh, and I have:

Life in the Universe + workbook for Astrobiology 115 AND Language Files 9 for Linguistics 200 if anyone wants them.
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I've never paid for parking on campus before. I have to tomorrow morning - Yay Saturday Finals!

Can I just fork over my HuskyCard and use that for payment? Or do I have to have cash, or check? I know E1 takes HuskyCard, but I'm not parking down there. I'm hoping for N5-6 or whatever lot that is by Balmer.