March 7th, 2006


Hey Guys-

I'm a Western student and my boyfriend and I are planning to live in Seattle over the summer for our jobs and want get an apartment together. The problem is that alot of the places I've checked (via don't do 3-4 month leases, so we're looking to sublet from someone, maybe a student going home for the summer or something. If any of you are interested in this, or know someone who might be, please messege me back here or email me :

dragoness86 at msn dot com


Jenny Lewis

I have a ticket to Jenny Lewis at the Neumo's for tomorrow (doors at 8 pm). Unfortunately I can't go, so if someone wants this ticket you can have it for $15.00. It's going to be a great concert, so someone pleaaaase take it.
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I'm in Music 185 - The Concert Season this term. We had our final quiz today. A couple hours before the quiz someone sent this email to the class email list:

Hi ya'll,

I've been so sick this entire quarter with a disease, so I was wondering if anyone could please send me their notes. It would be much appreciated!!


I apologize if you are this person or if you know this person... but seriously. Who does this?
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