March 5th, 2006


So if anybody that reads this is planning on dropping PSYCH 200 (comp animal behavior) before the quarter starts I would REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate it if you would give me a heads up so I could fill the empty spot before someone else. Especially if you are dropping quiz section AE, AF, AG, or AH. I will be eternally greatful, I need that class!

Also, does anybody have experience with the class or Professor Barash and know if I will be able to get an add code by going on the first day etc etc and doing all of the usual stuff like that?

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cooking classes

My spring quarter looks to be verrrry open (just P-Chem, couldn't get into Dance 101 before it filled up, boo) and I am thinking of taking some fun cooking classes. I cook a TON, am pretty well versed in the kitchen (hell, my friends call me The Asian Martha Stewart) but I want to branch out, maybe something different. Anybody have suggestions, stuff you've taken? Class you've heard about? Even better, does somebody want to take a class with me? :)

How good are the ASUW Experimental College classes?
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I dont recall this being mentioned here before

Late Night at By George

ASUW and HFS have come together to extend the hours of By George, to give students, faculty and staff a late night place on campus to enjoy coffee or grab a snack. Beginning Monday, February 13th, By George will be open between the hours of 9 pm - 2 am, Sunday through Thursday. To access By George after 9 pm, use your Husky ID card to enter through the ground floor stairwell door at Odegaard Undergraduate Library.
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Does anyone know of a good pool fairly close to the U? I hate lap swimming in the wide lanes at the IMA and the Pavilion Pool hours don't work for me, but I want to get back into lap swimming. I'm looking for somewhere that preferably doesn't use 2 lanes as one big lane.


What is the minimum number of finals you need in one day in order for them to move one around? For example if I have 3 in the same day, can I request for one to be another day?? What about with two??

Also, if a Professor is reeeaaally behind, I mean we are talking a chapter, do you think he would be ass an put it on the final, even though there is no way in hell we are going to get to it?? Has anyone had this before. I'm really flustered right now.