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Friday, March 3rd, 2006

Subject:Don't you love job offerings where you have to pay a membership to join?
Time:4:45 am.
I'm sure we all get spam on our .edu accounts.

Recently I've gotten one offering me a job at "VegasResearch.com" as a "Home Typist". Of course, there's a nominal $29.95 membership fee so I can start working.

But I can make $500-1000 for doing stupid little texts things every day! Considering how much I actually study, the idea isn't a very good one.

Ahh... pyramid schemes of sorts... they probably want me to buy something else after the membership. Anybody ever get suckered in by a company called Mannatech? There was a few of their meetings on campus a couple years back. I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't know about them. They offered these health supplements that are under lots of scrutiny, which are really sugar pills I believe.

Anyways, isn't it terrible that one of the demographics they try to catch are us college students? You'd think that if we're smart enough to get in college, we wouldn't be that gullible. ^^;;;
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Time:10:36 am.
Now that we're all trying to find openings in the classes we didn't get into, I thought I'd be a nice guy and post the little web-tool I made to help me look for openings in classes.

Enter, SLN checker. The time schedule is updated like once a day and it seems like schedule finder is never updated. You can click on the SLNs on the time schedule to get real-time informatin about them, but if you're looking for any large number of SLNs, this becomes a pain in the ass. I think I may be able to offer a solution.


It's not amazing, and I'm still sort of working on it, but it functions as it is.

Let me know if you see places for improvement or glitches in general.
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Time:3:13 pm.
For independent study purposes, does anyone have any good recommendations of CHSTU/Chicano Studies professors to work with?
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Subject:Just FYI...
Time:4:39 pm.
I would give my firstborn child, sexual favors and money if someone gave me their spot in Art History 317 (Chado). Seriously.
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Time:4:54 pm.
Okay, this is probably the most important question you will see all day, so please consider carefully.

Is there anywhere in the U-District I can buy a real, honest-to-goodness apple dumpling (preferably a good one)? Barring that, what about the greater Seattle area?
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Time:6:37 pm.
Alright guys. I potentially am going to need a relatively easy yet interesting 3/4 credit class next quarter. These are all currently closed, but things tend to get a slot or two open once the quarter actually starts, when people change their schedules. So I wanted any info anyone has on them.

CLAS 445 GRK & ROM RELIGION HOLLMANN,A (Doubt I could get in, its already overloaded, but I'm still curious)


HIST 221 RESEARCH STRATEGIES (this is also an INFO class with the same title) MUDROCK,T

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Time:6:59 pm.
Where do you guys get your guitar strings around here? I'm not aware of any nearby music shops besides 2nd Time Around, and I don't even think they have strings
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Subject:Reinhardt... chem prof.
Time:8:59 pm.
Anyone have any strong opinions on Reinhardt??
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Time:10:38 pm.
Anybody here taken Dance101? How was it?
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