March 3rd, 2006

screw you, eat me

Don't you love job offerings where you have to pay a membership to join?

I'm sure we all get spam on our .edu accounts.

Recently I've gotten one offering me a job at "" as a "Home Typist". Of course, there's a nominal $29.95 membership fee so I can start working.

But I can make $500-1000 for doing stupid little texts things every day! Considering how much I actually study, the idea isn't a very good one.

Ahh... pyramid schemes of sorts... they probably want me to buy something else after the membership. Anybody ever get suckered in by a company called Mannatech? There was a few of their meetings on campus a couple years back. I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't know about them. They offered these health supplements that are under lots of scrutiny, which are really sugar pills I believe.

Anyways, isn't it terrible that one of the demographics they try to catch are us college students? You'd think that if we're smart enough to get in college, we wouldn't be that gullible. ^^;;;

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Now that we're all trying to find openings in the classes we didn't get into, I thought I'd be a nice guy and post the little web-tool I made to help me look for openings in classes.

Enter, SLN checker. The time schedule is updated like once a day and it seems like schedule finder is never updated. You can click on the SLNs on the time schedule to get real-time informatin about them, but if you're looking for any large number of SLNs, this becomes a pain in the ass. I think I may be able to offer a solution.

It's not amazing, and I'm still sort of working on it, but it functions as it is.

Let me know if you see places for improvement or glitches in general.


Okay, this is probably the most important question you will see all day, so please consider carefully.

Is there anywhere in the U-District I can buy a real, honest-to-goodness apple dumpling (preferably a good one)? Barring that, what about the greater Seattle area?

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Alright guys. I potentially am going to need a relatively easy yet interesting 3/4 credit class next quarter. These are all currently closed, but things tend to get a slot or two open once the quarter actually starts, when people change their schedules. So I wanted any info anyone has on them.

CLAS 445 GRK & ROM RELIGION HOLLMANN,A (Doubt I could get in, its already overloaded, but I'm still curious)


HIST 221 RESEARCH STRATEGIES (this is also an INFO class with the same title) MUDROCK,T



Where do you guys get your guitar strings around here? I'm not aware of any nearby music shops besides 2nd Time Around, and I don't even think they have strings