March 2nd, 2006

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I'm curious

Why were a bunch of people walking around campus with black paint smudged on their foreheads today?

edit: Thanks guys, for explaining the Ash Wednesday thing, but holy shit, I hate this community. I just got like 15 comments all with the exact same answer.

And for the record, no, I'm not retarded. I just don't know dick about Catholicism. I actually thought the smudges on people's foreheads were either A. Some Mardi Gras thing, or B. Some bizarre kind of protest thing.
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add codes

i've got a question regarding add codes...

i have full schedule right now but there's a film class that i'm considering taking and i do have an add code for it. anyone know if there's a time limit for how long this code is valid (ie does it end at period 2, 3)? merci beaucoup!

Found ID

Found someone's ID card on Stevens Way across from the EEC. Couldn't find them in the directory so figured I'd try here. Looks pretty beat up but the UPASS is still good. I'll turn it in to L&F at the earliest convenience if it's not claimed before then.
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the daily

For some reason, I've always thought advertising in The Daily was free to students. But I can't seem to find anything on their webpage that says that is the case. Does anyone know of any papers that are free to advertise in in the area my friend could advertise her car for sale in?
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HELP! Where's my blankie???

Hi, I'm having a laundry-related freak out! I washed some stuff in the Stevens Court K-building laundry room and someone took it. I don't really care about most of it, but one thing that was taken was a quilt that my grandma made for me. It's light blue flannel and has polar bears on it. It has "1999" embroidered in one corner and has a rip in it.

I'm freaking out! How do I find it?!? It's the last thing she ever sewed and I really want to have it! :(

What do I do?
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so i am taking cheme309 with graham allan and i have heard it is the easiest class ever. i can't find a syllabus but i just wanted to know.. what do we actually DO in "creative innovations???" .... besides be "creative"
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Bussing from Snohomish

Does anyone bus to the UW from Snohomish (city)? I figure I'll need to go there in the near future but I refuse to believe that there isn't a faster or more direct bus route there and back (than 1.5 hours!) what with all the busses that seem to go through the U-District.

Sometimes there are express busses that you just don't know about unless you're a regular commuter and I'm reeeeally hoping someone will say, "Yes! Try this route!" Thanks!