March 1st, 2006

Gay for Moleman [The Simpsons]

FISH 475 desperation!

Sorry this is partially a repost.

Anyone registered for Marine Mammalogy Monday lab (it's closed!) who might switch so I can get into it? There's no way I can do the Thursday lab and I desperately need the credits and I wanna take it, too.

I emailed the prof a few days ago and I'm still waiting, but in the meantime I figured it wouldn't hurt to try this again. Don't hate me. I'm a visiting student so I'm not going to have another chance to take this class, and you can't take the lecture without the lab! :(

P.S. I will pay you money.
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"Most Dangerous" Prof

I know most universities are filled with professors with liberal political viewpoints, but isn't it outrageous how the conservative right acts as if this is a horrible, downfall-of-America epidemic that needs to be fixed?

Case in point: Peace class lands UW prof on list of "most dangerous"

"We all know that left-wing radicals from the 1960s have hung around academia and hired people like themselves. But if you thought they were all harmless, antiquated hippies, you'd be wrong." Buy this book now, I know you want to! =P

The most important skill college teaches is critical thinking... why do conservatives see college students as blank slates being brainwashed with evil values and ideas by acamedia? As if these 4-5 years are going to mold our beliefs for the rest of our life, from people we aren't even close to. It's ridiculous.

Anyhow, I had David Barash for PSYCH 480 (Ideas of Human Nature), and I feel privileged for having a class by one of the most dangerous liberal professors in America, hahahahah.

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Just a general announcement for anyone looking for good/better employment--

Catalyst are hiring workshop teachers for next quarter. It's all on-campus, you get to set most of your own schedule, there's not a lot of technical skills required (basic knowledge, of course, but you'll learn everything you have to teach if you don't know it already), and the pay is above minimum wage. There is some grunt work (e.g. cleaning classrooms for 3 hours every week and working behind the help desk for a few hours), but you can pretty much guarantee 19.5 hours/week (the UW-designated max) if you're willing to work that many.

We're currently looking for somebody to fill the OS/Networking teaching position (current instructor is a graduating senior) and somebody for the Office, etc. workshops.

If interested, go here and apply. The management is great, and the team are fun to work with. I just got hired last week and already love it.

sorry for this, but I wish I'd known about it sooner. just trying to pass the information along.
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Another Spanish complaint

I'm sorry if this post is overly-specialized...

So on this page, at the beginning of the 400-level requirements for the Spanish major, it says that the only prerequisites for 400-409 are 323 and 303. Elena (the advisor,) has locked everyone out of these classes by putting an add code on the two classes from this category they're offering next quarter and requiring that people who want to enroll meet with her to get the add code and sign up.

I Have both listed prerequisites, but when I met with her she said I couldn't take the class until I *finished* the 300-level electives. She still didn't let me in after I argued with her and pointed her to the policy on the web. I have two friends to whom this has also happened and I think it's extremely unfair. Does anyone know anything about this? I'm thinking of taking this higher up because I'm generally frustrated with the Spanish department, but I need to know for sure that what is stated on the web takes precedents over what advisors say with respect to things like this. Does anyone know where I can find this general information?