February 28th, 2006

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top 10 things I love about rain at the UW:
10. All the missionaries stay inside
9. All the republicians/ democrats/ libertians stay inside
8. The sound of gortex against thighs- it just makes me happy
7. Watching a skate boarder slip and/or fall on his ass in red square (I'm sorry but if you are going to skateboard in the rain, you had it coming)
6. Extremely large umbrellas.
5. That clean smell the Ave gets.
4. Dicussing the rain. I love comparing reports, rumors, hunches.
3. Ducks swimming the quad
2. Spalshing through puddles in big red rubber books.
1. How right everything looks.
dog on wheels (casirafics)

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So I've got a problem. I'm in England right now, studying abroad, and I'm coming back for spring quarter. I have no place to live when I arrive. I applied for Steven's Court but haven't heard anything and don't know what to do. I checked into the dorms, but they said it was most likely I'd just get a triple and there is NO WAY I'm doing that my last quarter of my senior year. I don't know what to do... I lived in a place I found on Craig's List last year, but I can't really move into anywhere without going to see it, and I won't be in Seattle till March 25th, the Saturday before classes start (and I live in New Jersey, so I can't really commute). My friends are mostly graduated and don't live in the U-District anymore, and I feel bad asking to couch surf because... what if nothing comes up? Anyone have any suggestions? Or anyone looking for roommates... I'd sort of feel more comfortable moving into a place with someone from this community than Craig's List. I'm 21, a girl, reletively clean and quiet, I do like to go out and party at times but not every night, non-smoker, etc. Just need a place until mid-June. Starting to freak about it.

Any suggestions?