February 27th, 2006

Registration woes

I had my schedule set up perfectly, waiting for me to just click the "Register for this schedule" button. 5:55 AM came, and as I went to submit my classes, Firefox shut down on me! I had to redo my schedule, and at the rate MyUW goes on registration mornings, it took forever. Thankfully I got the classes I wanted. How did everyone else who had registration this morning fare?
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mean girls


Don't you hate when you have everything all set up to register and then your computer freezes at 5:57 requiring that you restart it? Welcome to my morning.

Needless to say, I didn't get my classes that I wanted this morning. Anyone with me in that boat?

registration question

I'm a freshman who registered for spring quarter a few weeks ago, thanks to "disability" standing. I'm in MHE 417 with Whorton, a class which is now overloaded (91/80 spots taken) and I just noticed now that it says no freshmen are allowed. How strict is this policy? Will they kick me out if I bring it to their attention? I would really like to stay in the class, but I guess if I have to drop it I'd do it sooner than later, before other options fill up. My instincts are to email the professor to make my case, but only if I'm pretty confident he'll let me stay in.

Suggestions? Anyone had this problem before?


Has anyone out there taken Art 166 (Design Foundations)? I'm not a prospective Visual Communications Design major, but I'm definitely interested in VCD--do you know if this class is designed for those types of students, as well, or just those who are planning to go into the major?

Thanks for your help!
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