February 26th, 2006

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Disclaimer: This is UW-related, 'cause it's for a class I'm taking there.

k, me and 4 other people in my English class (linked to Intro Soc) are all doing papers on inequality of religion (our research question is about religious profiling/stereotyping)...PLEASE fill out this survey and send it back to me in a comment! What you can type in, please do...for the rest of it (where it says "circle one"), either bold it (the tags for that are < b > without the spaces at the beginning of the word(s) and then < / b > at the end of the word(s)) or put stars around the word(s) or delete all but the choice you picked.

Religion Survey

*The survey and results will be anonymous*
What religion if any, are you a part of?

In terms of attending religious meetings, practicing religious rituals, and participating in your religion at times other than special occasions, how active are you in your religion?
(circle one)

Not religious Not Very Active Somewhat active Active Very Active

What class structure do you identify yourself as a part of? (circle one)

Lower class Middle class Upper-Middle Class Upper class

How many friends do you have of different religions from your own?

1-3 3-5 5-7 7-9 10 or more

What do you think of cross-religious marriages?

Bad idea Very Difficult Do-able with Effort No problem Good idea

Do you think of people who practice… (circle one or leave blank if you've never heard of it)
Islam as:
Bizarre/Strange Strict Ordinary/Normal Faithful Generous

Christianity as:
Bizarre/Strange Strict Ordinary/Normal Faithful Generous

Catholicism as:
Bizarre/Strange Strict Ordinary/Normal Faithful Generous

Mormonism as:
Bizarre/Strange Strict Ordinary/Normal Faithful Generous

Jehovah’s Witnesses as:
Bizarre/Strange Strict Ordinary/Normal Faithful Generous

Judaism as:
Bizarre/Strange Strict Ordinary/Normal Faithful Generous

Buddhism as:
Bizarre/Strange Strict Ordinary/Normal Faithful Generous

Wicca as:
Bizarre/Strange Strict Ordinary/Normal Faithful Generous

Cults as:
Bizarre/Strange Strict Ordinary/Normal Faithful Generous

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Easiest courses taken at the UW (what did you get grade wise) so far and who taught them?

I'm looking into Sociology courses for next quarter too, but heard a lot of bad things about Prof. Weis and Black. What are some of the better profs and courses?

Spying on Muslims in Seattle Town Hall

Here's an awesome event happening Monday night on campus:

The UW Chapter of Americans for Informed Democracy is presenting a town hall forum on Spying on Muslims in Seattle: Is it legal? Are we safer? Will it help us win the war on terror--or are we losing civil liberties?.

Monday, Feb. 27th, 7:30pm
GOWEN Rm. 301

-Professor & NY Times best-selling author Roger Morris
-Prize-winning journalist & Communications Director of the Washington ACLU Doug Honig

Professor Morris was also on the Senior Staff of the National Security Council under Presidents Johnson and Nixon, until he resigned over the invasion of Cambodia. Mr. Honig was a prize-winning journalist and has written extensively about the US Patriot Act. The forum is free and open to everyone. Seattle is one of the main targets for the US government's domestic spying programs, so bring your questions, comments, and an open mind. Take a study break and come hear what your community has to say!

Nordheim Court

Hey, I'm planning on living in Nordheim Court next year and I went and looked at some of their rooms and it all looked really nice. But this morning I was at the 8 and I looked at the little advertisement for Nordheim on the table and someone had written "why the hell did I ever move here?" on it. So I was wondering, what do people think of Nordheim? Is it as nice as it seems? Do people hate it once they move in? Why?

Don't stone me

I know, I know, it's one of those posts.
But I register tomorrow morning and I'm having a hard time deciding here.

I have 12 credits decided on, but I need/want another 5-credit class, preferrably I&S.
My choices are:
HSTEU 274: 20th Century Europe, with Bailkin
HSTEU 435: World War I, with Bridgman
RUSS 420: Russian Art & Architecture, with West

Has anyone had any of these classes/instructors in the past? Advice would be appreciated.
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FISH 475 Lab desperation!

Anyone registered for Marine Mammology monday lab (it's closed!) who might switch so I can get into it? There's no way I can do the Thursday lab and I desperately need the credits and I wanna take it, too. I register tomorrow cuz I'm a visiting student *cries*.

When this sort of thing happens, do professors ever allow lab overtallies? Like if I beg and plead with him?
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