February 24th, 2006

chewie waffles (credit: snarkel @ livejo

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Anybody else awake for the insanely loud and bright lighting about five minutes ago? (2:25?)

The dogs are still barking!

EDIT: Okay, okay. Lesson learned. Check forum before posting. I suppose three messages saying the exact same thing is a bit overboard.
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Just in case anyone didn't know... montlake is like an ice rink. I'd be more amused, but I had to walk through it and wrench my body in funny ways to make sure I didn't fall. Perhaps I should have just fallen:p I wasn't expecting the ice, though, and I drove over here from kirkland. Perhaps the sun came out and it's more like a shallow wading pool now... a cold shallow wading pool...

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For sections, if there closed @ 22 and the class cap is 35, should I got to that TA on the first day of school and ask to be in their section, or is there a way to email before, or is it just a shot in the dark?