February 22nd, 2006

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Ahoy chaps,
I may be going here next year. Can anyone give me a low down on UW about some stuff? I come from UC Davis, where theres a large liberal presence. I also like Davis because I can bike to class, and pretty much avoid driving. Davis also seems to have a littany of student bands that play house parties. Davis also has a relatively small fraternity presence (maybe 10%), which I enjoy. So how's UW? Sorry if someone has already asked these questions. Thanks.
fais la fete.

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Hi hi,

Have you ever had Donald C Hellmann for Internatinal Studies (or anything else)?
What did you think; grading techniques; personal annecdotes; anything?

Merci enormement,
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hi everyone! i'm in my last quarter right now and i'm taking OCEAN 101 online to fulfill my last math/science requirement. i've been putting this off forever, and now i'm behind in my assignments and totally lost. i dont know the difference between an abssymal hill and...well...the rest of the ocean floor.

to make a long story short, I NEED HELP. if anyone wants to get together with me to help me get through some of these assignments, i'm willing to pay in un-ending gratitude, and beer! (or a small fee)

please email me if you can help me out.

akeikowilson at gmail dot com.
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sorry about this

so, i wouldn't ask it, but i've checked all the normal checking places for teachers, so:

Physics 114 (general), Robert Van Dyck.

Any thoughts on this teacher? Take it this quarter or wait for a better teacher? Any good teachers for physics?

pig-rabbit <3

Murder + Macroecon

Since everyone's all asking about courses, I might as well join in! I checked the Memories already and there wasn't any posts on this.

Has anyone taken Sociology 275 - Murder with Professor Weis? How was it? What were the midterm(s)/Final like?

And for Econ 201- Macroecon, would you recommend taking it from Salehi-Esfa or taking one of those that meets everyday with a TA?

Thanks in advance!
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Okay..so one of my classes overlaps by 10min.
Is there any way to get around the restrants of it not letting me register for them?