February 21st, 2006

ENVIR 110 online course?

i looked in the memories, but i didn't see any info on this class.

ENVIR 110--the online course

easy, hard?
i have never taken an online course before, any advice?
i suck at science, so i am trying to find the easiest possible nw to take, is this a good choice?
what does this class entail as far as h/w?
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To Whomever Burned a Bag of Popcorn in Hansee at 5:45 This Morning--


All Of Us At Hansee

*I'm too tired to actually formulate words, but if I were to compose a letter, it would deal with the matters of:

1. The fact that we were woken up by fire alarm
2. The fact that the entire hall was made to stand outside in the cold for a good twenty minutes, many of us in robes and slippers
3. The fact you were eating popcorn at 5:45 in the morning. C'mon. Nutrigrain bar? Oatmeal? Protein Shake? Waffles? Nope. Popcorn. Right...
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Even though I know what they're for and stuff, a lot of times when I see a crow with tags on campus I think "Oh look she has such pretty anklets!"

(obviously they aren't all female, but you know :)

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Has anyone ever taken COM 440, Mass Media Law.

I'm thinking of taking it summer quarter, and Keilbowicz (never had this prof) is teaching it...

Any thoughts/opinions? Good or bad, please. Thank you in advance!


As my Spanish teacher “se emocionaba” (worked himself into a frenzy), trying to incite a class discussion about his carefully selected reading for the day, I casually picked up my copy of The Daily and commenced reading the front page—after giving up on today’s crossword puzzle. The first article I saw, and the only one I’ve really read today, put me in such a state that I felt it necessary to respond to the most anti-student propaganda I’ve yet seen in our humble paper.

Buses vs. pedestrians… who’s at fault? Well, obviously the students will lose in a one-on-one fight with a bus, just by sheer mass. But the question of who is at fault, or better yet, more at fault, is still open to question. I understand there are those bad apples who cross not through the crosswalks, not looking, trusting to luck that they won’t be struck down by the hand of “Bob,” but others of us are more careful of the laws, usually only cross at the crosswalks unless checking both ways twice before crossing.
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Dropping Classes

Hey guys -

I already checked the memories, and I didn't have any luck, as I remembered from awhile back that something related to this was briefly mentioned - although I think it was in a comment not an actual post.

Anyways, to make a long story short. I have a friend (whose liverjournal-less so I'm posting for her) who really needs to drop a class. The deadline to drop classes was February 20th, which also happened to fall on a holiday in which the office wasn't even open. She checked with the registration office and they told her the only way at this point was to either fill out the two petition forms - one that basically says UW fucked up, or a "hardship form." Now, if I remember correctly, I remember people mentioning how they filled out hardship forms and it was pretty easy to drop classes. However, this is my question - is there something else that people were talking about? Because the way the registration office made it sound was that it's near impossible. She either needs a 1) death certificate for someone passing away 2) a work schedule documented or 3) or a doctor's note.

She was, however, very sick over the summer and into this year. Had surgery and everything, could get a note from the surgeon. Is this sufficient for those of you who have dropped classes via this way? Are there other options? I guess bottomline, UW makes it sound like you have to have one foot in the grave (or someone else's) to drop a class.

Thanks for any input.
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Hospital Parking

Does anyone know where you could possibly park for free around this time (or later) as close as possible to the UW Medical Center next to the Husky Stadium/Health Sciences?? I don't want to walk a long way either...

I'm pretty sure they never stop charging for the triangle garage.